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Kalafina – Magia | Lyrics Translation

Song: Magia
Artist: Kalafna
Album: Magia
Other: Ending Song for the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

itsuka kimi ga hitomi ni tomosu ai no hikari ga
toki wo koete
horobi isogu sekai no yume wo
tashika ni hitotsu kowasu darou

One day the light of love shining in your eyes
will transcend time
and will certainly shatter
a dream of this world heading into ruin.

tamerai wo nomihoshite
kimi ga nozomu MONO ha nani?
konna yokubukai akogare no yukue ni
hakanai ashita ha aru no?

Swallow your hesitation,
what is it you desire?
Is there a fragile future
in the direction of your deep desires?

kodomo no koro yume ni miteta
inishie no mahou no youni
yami sae kudaku chikara de
hohoemu kimi ni aitai
obieru kono te no naka ni ha
taorareta hana no yuuki
omoi dake ga tayoru subete
hikari wo yobisamasu

Like the ancient magic
I dreamt about as a child,
with the strength to shatter darkness
I want see you with your smiling face.
In these shivering hands of mine
is the courage of a hand picked flower.
I can only rely on my emotions,
calling forth the light
is my wish.

itsuka kimi mo dareka no tame ni
tsuyoi chikara wo nozomu darou
ai ga mune wo toraeta yoru ni
michi no kotoba ga umaretekuru

One day you too, for the sake of someone else,
will wish for a strong power.
In a night when love overtakes my heart,
new unknown words are born.

mayowazu ni yukeru nara
kokoro ga kudaketemo iiwa
itsumo me no mae no kanashimi ni
tachimukau tame no
jumon ga hoshii

If I can advance without hesitating,
then it’s fine if my heart gets broken.
I want a spell
so I can stand up
to the sadness in front of me.

kimi ha mada yumemiru kioku
watashi ha nemuranai ashita
futari ga deau kiseki wo
kachitoru tame ni susumuwa
obieru kono te no naka ni ha
taorareta hana no yaiba
omoi dake ga ikiru subete
kokoro ni furikazasu

You are still dreaming about your memories…
while I have a sleepless future.
I’ll continue forwards
to seize the miracle of our encounter.
In this shivering hand of mine
is the sword of a handpicked flower.
I live for my emotions,
not turning my back on my heart
is my wish.

torawareta taiyou no kagayaku
fushigi no kuni no hon ga suki datta koro
negai ha kitto kanau to
oshieru otogibanashi wo
(hikari to kage no naka)

The captured sun rays shined
back then when I loved stories of Wonderland.
I believed
all those fairy tales that said
wishes come true.
(Between light and darkness.)

shizuka ni sakimidareteita
inishie no mahou yasashiku
sekai wo kaeru chikara ga
sono te ni aru to sasayaku
owarnai yume wo miyou
kimi to yuku toki no naka de
omoi dake ga ikiru subete
inochi wo tsukuru no ha

Quietly blooming profusely
is the ancient magic which tenderly whispers to me
“The power to change the world
lies in those hands of yours.”
Let’s have an eternal dream
in this time we’re together.
I live for my emotions.
Creating life
is my wish.


  • Monica says:


    April 19, 2011 - Reply
  • drei says:

    Really nice translation, but I just want to point out that there’s a missing line
    “hikari to kage no naka”
    right after “oshieru otogibanashi wo shinjita”

    April 27, 2011 - Reply
  • Suisei says:

    @drei: Oh, that wasn’t written in the booklet so we missed it, thanks~

    April 27, 2011 - Reply
  • digi says:

    now i no the lyrics but i cnt sing in english its impossible

    August 2, 2011 - Reply
  • TioGuedes says:

    Thank you very much for this lyrics. This song is incredible, and it suits Madoka Magica way better than the opening. Thanks again XD.

    October 20, 2011 - Reply
    • Yay says:

      The first few episodes were missing leading and cutesy and the series ended on the positive note. That’s probably why the Op is the way it is

      October 9, 2013 - Reply
    • unknowen9000 says:

      To be fair, Magia (like all Kalafina songs, IIRC) was composed by Kaijura Yuki, the same woman who composed all of the BGM for the series (excluding the three pieces of classical music, and the arcade version of Connect, obviously). Fitting the rest of the soundtrack really helps make a song feel like it belongs to the series.

      February 23, 2014 - Reply
  • Maxxe says:

    for those who wish to sing this song, here is a tip. japanese don’t pronounce don’t, can’t, wouldn’t or anything like that so if you find yourself finishing the line before the singers do when your on beat then this should help out at karioke night lol.

    July 24, 2012 - Reply
  • Mia says:

    Who is the man in the background? Does anyone know?

    May 18, 2013 - Reply

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