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supercell – Utakata Hanabi | Lyrics Translation

Song: Utakata Hanabi
Artist: supercell
Album: Utakata Hanabi
Other: Ending song for the anime Naruto Shippuuden

afureru hito de
nigiwau hachigatsumatsu no omatsuri
yukata wo kite geta mo haite
karan koron oto wo tateru
fui ni agatta
hanabi wo futari de miageta toki
muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo
sotto nusumimita no

With a huge crowd around us,
we attended the boisterious festival at the end of August.
I wore my yukata and my geta
which sounded like “karan koron” as I walked.
Suddenly fireworks shot up
and when we both looked up,
I took a gentle peek at your face
entranced by the fireworks.

kimi no koto kirai ni
naretara ii noni
kyou mitaina hi ni ha kitto
mata omoidashiteshimau yo

It will be better if I
just come to dislike you.
A day such as this will surely
be a memory I will recall constantly.

konna kimochi
shiranakya yokatta
mou nido to
aeru koto mo nai noni
aitai aitainda
ima demo omou
kimi ga ita
ano natsu no hi wo

I shouldn’t have come to
know these feelings.
There will never be
a second time we’ll see each other.
I want to see you, I want to see you.
Even now I think
about the summer days
you spent with me…

sukoshi tsukarete futari
michibata ni koshikaketara
tooku kikoeru ohayashi no ne
hyururira narihibiku
yozora ni saita
ookina ookina nishiki kanmuri
mou sukoshi de natsu ga owaru
futto setsunaku naru

We were both a bit tired
so we sat by the roadside as
we were listening to the distant festival music.
It resounded “hyururira”.
Blossoming in the night sky
was a great great splendid brocade.
Soon summer will end,
that suddenly made me very sad.

sakasama no HA-TO ga
ahaha tte waraiatte
suki da yo tte
KISU wo shita

My upside down heart
shot right side up,
“Ahaha” we both laughed,
“I love you” we said,
and we kissed.

mou wasureyou
kimi no koto zenbu
konna ni mo kanashikute
me wo tojireba
ima mo kimi ga
soko ni iru you de

I should just forget
everything about you
if it will be this painful.
Why did we have to meet?
When I close my eyes
I feel like
you’ll be right here with me…

amai toiki
binetsu wo obiru watashi ha kimi ni koi shita
sono koe ni sono hitomi ni
kidzukeba toki ha sugisatteku noni
mada kimi no omokage wo sagashite

A faint breath,
as if feeling a slight fever, I fell in love with you,
your voice and your eyes…
Before I knew it time just went by
and I am still searching for your figure.

hitori kiri de
miageru hanabi ni
kokoro ga chikuri to shita
mou sugu tsugi no kisetsu ga
yatte kuru yo
kimi to miteta utakata hanabi
ima demo omou
ano natsu no hi wo

When I look up
at the fireworks alone,
I feel a slight stab in my heart.
Soon the next season will
be here.
I still think of
the fleeting fireworks I saw with you
and the summer days I spent with you…


  • lvlln says:

    Thank you for the translation. This is the 3rd different translation of “utakata” I’ve seen, with the first two being “ephemeral” and “transient.” There’s the literal “water bubble,” of course, but that doesn’t seem to carry the same kind of fleeting connotation that the Japanese word does.

    September 28, 2010 - Reply
  • KenLai says:

    Thank you so much for the translation! Not many people appreciates your work. But hey, i do! So keep up with the good work!

    January 6, 2011 - Reply
  • Ceejhaye says:

    I really like the song, thank you for the English Translation of this one

    September 16, 2011 - Reply
  • Ayam Community says:

    thanks for translation.
    I like this song very much.

    October 18, 2011 - Reply
  • Dulla says:

    i love this song ^__^ , its so awesome ^___^

    October 20, 2011 - Reply
  • aa_dono says:

    thanks a great lot^^ i love this song and really very thankful for your hardwork^^

    November 3, 2011 - Reply
  • Kaika says:

    I really love this song. I can play it all day. I’m not kidding. Thank you for the translation! :)

    November 20, 2011 - Reply
  • lastsongever says:

    i love this song,

    November 29, 2011 - Reply
  • Mako says:

    I think this song is about a couple, and the boy only has till the summer until he dies because of a sickness… so sad TT^TT (btw, this what I think, might not be true)

    April 11, 2012 - Reply
    • Bramantyo Wibisono says:

      no, it’s false.

      this song is tell the japanese festival named “Sumidagawa hanabi taikai” that she had experienced. this festival be held at summer on japan. during the festival, on cities of japan at every evening, they’re launching fireworks to the sky. and the public stay out to see it because the fireworks is very cool.

      the songwriter wrote her experience when she saw the festival with her boyfriend a few years ago. however, one year later she could not see the festival with his boyfriend because his boyfriend went nowhere.

      this story of this song is so sad :’)

      February 16, 2013 - Reply
  • makoto says:

    this is a beautiful song. hope youll be posying mor of it

    May 24, 2012 - Reply
  • pinkycherry says:

    Thankyou for the translation. I really like this song.really really and really like it. But after reading translation, :( so sad.. it touched my heart

    June 2, 2012 - Reply
  • me :> says:

    The song relates to me :”>

    July 8, 2012 - Reply
  • XZeromail says:

    Just like everybody else here
    Good Job for the translation
    I like it

    August 16, 2012 - Reply
  • Endang says:

    So sad…
    This song has touched my heart

    September 26, 2012 - Reply
  • ayu yayuyo says:

    thankyou for translation.
    i love this song very much.
    this song is very touched, so sad :(

    November 6, 2012 - Reply
  • Andreas says:

    i think this song represents Sakura in the series, many anime song are made to represent a certain theme in the anime series

    November 9, 2012 - Reply
  • Yoshida Ayaka says:

    Nice Blog! Nice Translation! Nice Lyrics! Nice song! :D

    April 6, 2013 - Reply
  • akira-san says:

    I feel I’ll cry ;-; good song and good translation, thank you!

    December 6, 2013 - Reply
  • Raven says:

    ohhh! T_T i cried when i see the meaning!! it really made me sad so good i like this song and it is so pretty in naruto shippuden! tnx 4 translating thissss!

    September 26, 2014 - Reply

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