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SID – Uso | Lyrics Translation


Song: Uso
Artist: SID
Album: Uso
Other: Ending song for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

ano hi mita sora akaneiro no sora wo nee kimi ha oboeteimasu ka
yakusoku chigiri shoka no kaze ga tsutsumu
futari yorisotta

Do you remember that dawning sky of back then?
We made a promise and the Summer Wind embraced us
as we cuddled together.

muri na egao no ura nobita kage wo kakumau
dakara kidzukanu furi saisei wo erabu

Under that imposible smile hides a growing shadow,
that’s why I pretended to not notice and chose to continue along.

TE-BURU no ue no furuenai shirase machitsudzukete
kuuhaku no yoru mo kuru hazu no nai asa mo
zenbu wakattetanda

I continued to wait for the unshakable notice on the table,
I understood everything in both the White Night and the morning
that should have never come…

ano hi mita sora akaneiro no sora wo nee kimi ha wasureta no deshou
yakusoku chigiri shoka no kaze ni kieta
futari modorenai

You have forgotten that sky, that dawning sky of back then haven’t you?
You shattered our promise and “we” disappeared into the summer wind…
and we can’t go back…

oto mo iro mo ondo mo hanbun ni natta kono heya
kyou mo chirakashite ha yure tsukare nemuru

This room has lost half it’s sound, color, and warmth…
today has also scattered…I’m shivering and tired, so I sleep.

“jouzu ni damashitene uso ha kirai de suki” kimi no kotoba
ima koro ni natte kimochi ha itai hodo dakara
bokura sayonara

“I decieved you so easily didn’t I? I hate lies…yet love them.” were your words,
if we stay as we are, this pain will hurt us too much, that’s why,
we said goodbye.

itsuka matane to
te wo furiatta kedo mou au koto ha nai no deshou
saigo no uso ha yasashii uso deshita wasurenai

“We’ll see each other again”
we said as we waved at each other, but we won’t meet once again will we?
That final lie was such a tender lie…so I won’t forget it.

ano hi mita sora akaneiro no sora wo nee itsuka omoidasu deshou
hatasenakatta yakusoku wo idaite futari arukidasu

You’ll remember that dawning sky of back then right?
We embrace this promise that we didn’t let end and together walk forward.


  • Deleted1 says:

    the wo in the line
    kyou wo chirakashite ha yure tsukare nemuru
    should be mo.

    July 23, 2009 - Reply
  • Julianna says:

    nee kimi ha <–wa?

    August 24, 2009 - Reply
  • KiRai says:

    I want to post it to my blog of course with credits for you. Thank you for the translations!! :)

    November 16, 2009 - Reply
  • AquaLe says:

    Thank you, I like this song so much!
    I think I heard a “wo” in the last sentence
    ->yakusoku wo daite. And plz do me a favor, what exactly is “uso ha kirai de suki”? @__@ Can we also understand it as “[i liked you] because you seemed to hate lies”? I found that translation on YouTube and now I’m super confused about it. sorry for my English ^^”

    May 1, 2010 - Reply
    • 53RG10 says:

      Thanks for pointing out the ‘wo’ in the last line!

      As for “uso ha suki de kirai”, it’s showing a love/hate relationship with “lies”. (As indicated by the ‘ha’ particle, the topic is ‘lies’ and not ‘you’)

      So it’s saying something like she likes to lie but hates being to lied to.

      May 1, 2010 - Reply
  • Nikooru says:

    My favorite song! I love FMA! and SID.

    May 16, 2010 - Reply
  • byashy17 says:

    thanks for translating this! :)))

    September 12, 2012 - Reply

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